Why Go Offshore


The answer is quite simple; If you are making profits and you intend to expand your business internationally
you should register an offshore company to both receive income, hold investments and asset protect what you
work hard to build up.


International Investors use their offshore companies as a holding company to penetrate a new market in a foreign country. The offshore company holds all your investments together and holds legal ownership over all your global investments. Your own "holding company" can keep the cost low of putting several offshore companies in different jurisdictions. Using offshore entities improves diversification and reduces risk.

Private Investors regularly use offshore companies to optimize their personal portfolios for inheritance planning. Investors of around $100,000 dollar, €80,000 Euro or £50,000 Pounds could use a Foundation Legal Structure and be exempt from foreign income reporting rules.

Start up Entrepreneurs with an offshore structure can receive strategic benefits. Offshore offers businesses direct global access to international markets, enhances returns, has better after-tax profits, and reduces risks. Corporate Assets held by an Offshore Company protects the entrepreneur's personal assets, and reduces business risk. If his offshore Company is properly structured, it will survive the life of the original entrepreneur and simplify the succession process.

For CEO Executives going offshore can also help them restructure their compensation and stock programs so as to take advantage of asset protection, reduced tax and access to global markets.

Different consultants (IT, Engineering etc) can choose to become independent contractors with nearly all employers. Acting this way, it will free up their tax planning to allow many business expenses that employees are not entitled to. It also allows contracting with an IBC to increase work-related expenses, and send the profits overseas.

Authors, writors, actors using an offshore corporation to receive their contracts can reduce tax they would otherwise pay. The offshore company earns income, and the writer or author is compensated for services rendered to that company.

Sportsmen can use offshore benefits in the same way that writers and authors can.

Internet Marketers and internet businesses should all use an offshore company to conduct their business
to receive both the internet income using payment gateways, Paypal and cheque payments for affiliate
marketing or sale of goods and services.

Flight attendants and ship workers all benefit as they can contract their work directly through the IBC.

Commodity Brokers and sellers and buyers normally use offshore companies to receive their income and
to broker the transactions to reduce liabillity.

Investors who buy property or shares all receive the benefits of zero capital gains tax both on property sales
and the sales of shares internationally

Innovation rights by switching their royalties, engineers, designers and inventors are entitled to innovation rights through an offshore company (as the owner of such rights). This way, they reduce their personal tax liability and protect their assets.

The intellectual property in the offshore company can stay there indefinitely, surviving the life of the original inventor. This will make the appointment of the beneficiaries easier.

Surgeons and medical professionals can put their contracts for professional services in offshore structures. This vehicle has been used worldwide for a long time, restructuring their income, by reducing the personal tax they owe. Offshore vehicles also protect against potential claims and business risks.

Inherited wealth individuals should use offshore structures to reduce their inheritance taxes by transferring the inherited money in low-to no-tax jurisdictions. If you structure your pre-inheritance wealth, it will simplify the succession process. Offshore structures open a brand new world with great tax advantages.

Due to recent changes in offshore legislations, we recommend that you seek proper advice with your lawyer or chartered accountant prior to contacting us.