Whistleblower claims HMRC Goldman Sachs error

An HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) insider has claimed that chief Dave Hartnett was wrong in suggesting that Goldman Sachs' waived interest on a tax bill was less than £10 million.

Mr Hartnett, who ardently opposes offshore funds, was previously criticised after it was revealed that Goldman Sachs had had interest payments waived as part of a major tax bill.

Many hit out at] HMRCfor a perceived lack of impartiality, given that a high-net-worth-individual would not be able to avoid similar charges.

At the time, Mr Hartnett attempted to soften the blow by claiming the interest rates totalled under £10 million.

However, HMRC lawyer Osita Mba has now claimed that the figure was nearer to "£20 million in rough figures" during a deposition on a parliamentary committee held last week.

This error is likely to provide fuel to criticisms levelled at HMRC by offshore savings holders who have been targeted for their earnings despite major organisations avoiding significant payments on tax charges like this.