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TaxWizards offers clients from all over the world the benefits and service of establishing and operating a company outside their country of residence. We give you the ultimate solution for your new or existing business and show you how to use the legal and tax systems in the world to your benefit.

We have many years of experience and a substantial number of customers all over the world running import and export businesses, travel, education, property investments, production, telecommunication, entertainment, sports, and much more.

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TaxWizards specializes in all legal ways in arranging suitable and lawful offshore structuring both for your business and private deals. TaxWizards sets up offshore companies, off-shore trusts, off shore foundations, offshore bank accounts, off-shore licenses and offer strategies for all international business men and women that wish to increase their profits and look at how to utilize international tax planning to their benefit.

TaxWizards renders clients with all necessary information about conditions and duties of owning an offshore company in a current country. You can get information on the methods of using offshore companies from our offices and we have continual contact with business and tax lawyers from many other countries to find the best specialist.

TaxWizards is a multinational corporation represented by dozens of firms and specialists in corporate advisory services, financial issues, banking and insurance services, mergers, acquisitions, venture capital, administration and company establishment. The TaxWizards team is formed by financial and corporation specialists who have many years of experience resulting from their activities in other firms and foreign banks.

The TaxWizards vision is to provide professional advisory services connected with acquisitions, mergers, venture capital, investments, registration and management of offshore and onshore firms, sale of firms and enterprises, insurance sector and private banking services.

TaxWizards grants your privacy, security and confidentiality.

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