Tax Free Stocks and Shares

Buy Stocks, Shares on any stock exchange without paying Capital Gains Tax

Investing on the stock exchange is one of the popular ways of achieving financial freedom and residual income. If you are currently investing or you wish to join a program to learn the skills we have the solution for you to ensure that you will not pay any tax on the profits of your investments.

There are ways to set up your trading accounts so you will trade through another legal identity than your name but get the same trading results with much more profitable gains:

Your Stock Trader Taxwizard will give you the following:

  • A complete set up of your new investment company
  • Nominee services to ensure that you will not pay CGT
  • Your own trading account with Options Express or an agent of your own choice
  • Mentoring on how to trade correctly to ensure your tax benefits
  • Connection with our trading experts and services
  • Mentoring on how to move your profits though your new set up to ensure asset protection and more benefits

The delivery of your complete Stock Trader TaxWizard package will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

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