Tax Free affiliate marketing

Tax Free Affiliate Marketing Income

We truly believe that TaxWizards is one of the biggest tax advisors to internet marketers and affiliates. There are several hundred thousands of Internet Affiliates that are making money through systems like Clickbank. You receive cheques in your name and you will have to pay taxes on your income that you earn from clients all over the world. Well, that is what you are currently doing, but how about using our Affiliate TaxWizard product to earn all your Clickbank and other income tax free?

Your AffiliateTaxwizard will give you the following:

  • A complete set up of your new internet company.
  • Nominee services to ensure that you will not pay income tax.
  • International Bank Account, Cards and Internet banking.
  • Your own account with Clickbank or change of owner of current internet accounts.
  • Your own merchant account for other internet income through sale of products.
  • Mentoring on how to deposit your internet cheques and how to access your money legally.
  • Mentoring on how to move your profits though your new set up to ensure more benefits.
  • Assistance of your Wizard team to set everything up for you!

Delivery of your complete Affiliate TaxWizard package takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

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