What's included

Tax Wizards grants you full privacy, security and confidentiality.

We give you the complete secure package to ensure your low or zero tax.
All you do is say YES to our services and we will do the rest and hold your hand
along the way.

In your company set up you get:

  1. Application for the approval of the name of the company
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Registration of the company
  4. Certificate of incorporation
  5. Registered Agent
  6. Registered Office
  7. Corporate Secretary Services
  8. Business address in Cyprus
  9. P.O. Box and Mail handling in Cyprus
  10. Certificate of the Shareholders
  11. Certificate of Directors and Secretary
  12. Drafting of the minutes and the resolution of the company
  13. In case of nominees only, preparation of the following documents :
    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Declaration of Trust
    3. Instrument of Transfer of Shares
    4. Letter of Indemnity
    5. Letter of Resignation by the Director
    6. Letter of Resignation by the Secretary.
  14. Company's Seal
  15. Registration fees, taxes and stamp duties
  16. All other out of pocket expenses including acceleration fees and courier service
  17. Bank introduction and opening of Bank account
  18. Arranging Visa card for those who want to pay the necessary deposit
  19. Handling of legal matters and legal services
  20. One year prepaid annual fees, taxes and services, as above


  1. Registered Office Address
  2. Registered Agent (where applicable)
  3. Nominee Shareholder(s) (where applicable)
  4. Nominee Director(s) (where applicable)
  5. Corporate Secretary
  6. P.O. Box services and mail handling
  7. Telephone and Telefax services as may be needed
  8. Preparation and filing of the Annual Return (applicable only for Cypriot Companies)
  9. Payment of all fees, stamp duties and other out of pocket expenses in connection with the above services
  10. Standard legal consultancy services are free of charge in regard to operation of the IBC. (Drafting of contracts, if required continually, is not included)

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