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Welcome to the TaxWizards offshore portal, one of the leading registrars in Europe.

We specialize in legal ways in arranging suitable and lawful offshore structuring both for your business and private needs. We set up offshore companies, offshore trusts, offshore foundations, offshore bank accounts, offshore licenses and offshore strategies for all international business men and women who wish to increase their profits, and we look at how to utilize international tax planning to their benefit.

Setting up an offshore company is a fairly simple procedure and is not dissimilar to the procedure in establishing a company in the United Kingdom, the USA, and other jurisdictions offering modern Corporate Legislation.

We are always happy to hear from you, and our team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you may have, free of charge and without obligation.

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Complete Solutions

While other companies are wasting time giving you an endless list of confusing jurisdictions, TaxWizards are focused on providing you with the end solution that you need.

We have complete tax product solutions that will enable you to immediately save taxes both on your income and your global investments.

You do not have to be a large corporation to receive the benefits of an international structure.

As an example take a look at one of our latest products, The TAX FREE share trading package. Within 4 weeks from today you can be trading your shares, options and futures tax free legally.

This is one of many plug-n-play tax solutions that give you everything you need in one package without any hidden costs or agenda.

Our guarantee is that before you proceed in setting up your structure we will prove to you that you will make more money with it than without it.

Financial News

Cyprus is not Greece, is the first thing to say about the Cyprus banking sector. Although people in Cyprus have in common with those in Greece (along with other Mediterranean countries) a regrettable habit of not paying all the tax they should, and although the government has been slow and reluctant to tackle its growing fiscal deficit, the economy grew lustily until 2008, barely shrank in 2009 (one of the best performances in the EU) and is expected to return to a growth path in 2010. The banking sector is sound, and has experienced none of the problems of the Greek or Irish banks; domestic banking assets total 800% of GDP, with little exposure to toxic sovereign debt, and the loans to deposits ratio is 114%, signalling little reliance on debt funding. If there is a potential problem, it would lie in exposure to the real estate sector, which has suffered seriously in the downturn after having been the star of the Cypriot economy for twenty years. But the fundamentals remain unchanged: Cyprus was, and will again be, a highly attractive destination for international real estate buyers, both English-speaking and otherwise.